Reusable, Recycled

& Recyclable

The ultimate multipurpose bag. Water-resistant, with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties (efficiently tested against COVID-19). Recycled material that can be returned to have a new life as a new bag.

S W I S S  D E S I G N


Suitable for: Point of Sale Checkout, In-Store Pickup and Local Delivery from Retailer

100% Recycled Material

Entirely made out of high quality recycled polyester and PP material. Saving natural resources and protecting nature.

Antiviral & Antibacterial

Strong antiviral and antibacterial effect against enveloped viruses (incl. coronaviruses) and bacteria.

Totally Recyclable

All materials and parts of the bag can be recycled after disposal.


No water consumption, using recycled tools and recyclable ink.


Resistant to carry cold groceries or to protect the packaging in a raining day. High quality for a long lasting life.


Adjustable when closed to use as a delivery packaging. Foldable to be easily carried to the supermarket for groceries shopping.

How It Works…

As a Shopping Bag: fold the lid inside the bag and bring the handles outside through the hole. Done! You have a full customisable shopping bag (size, colours, design) with a lot of branding opportunities. 

As a Delivery Bag: place the handles inside the bag and bring the lid outside. Adjust the size of the closers. Stick your address label on the outside pocket. Now, you have a safe package to delivery the goods.

Reuse it as much as possible!

Returning: when the life spam of your bag is over. Return it in a pick up point or by reverse delivery. The bag will be recycled again in a new bag.


The unique design of the bag gives it a wide range of possibilities for use. It is THE all-in-one product for retailers and e-commerces.

Wash it and use it again and again…

After some time, it will be

its own feedstock

Fully customizable in size, colours, etc

It can be used even for storage.


An optimised production process with the best technologies for high quality and close to zero environment impact.

zero-waste operations

A recycling system in the production recycles all materials as well as scrap materials during normal operations. The energy source come partially from solar energy.

No Water Consumption

There is no water needed during the production process.

Fabric technology

The fabric production line benefit from AI technology to detect variances in the fabric and automatically adjust uniformity.


The bag comes with a pocket that might carry customers shopping list, wallet or an extra fruit mesh bag. The mesh bag is also available with the same properties as the future bag (recycled, OEM, recyclable, etc.).



Answers to some other questions that might be left.

– Where are located the partners? Do they comply with international standards?

Our partners are located mostly in Asia. They all comply with international standards, such as BSCI.

– How do you prove recycled material? Do you have any certificate?

We have recycling certificates for the feedstock supplier. Under request, we can hire a third part for auditing the production process and proof the use of the claimed materials.

– What is the production time?

Once designed is confirmed, the production lead time is approximately 90 days.

– How long can the bag be used?

Hutter Products is running tests, in order of estimating it.

– What are the dimensions of the bag? Can it be produced in other sizes?

The bag in the pictures is 45.0 x  38.0 x 28.0 cm. The shape and size of the bag are fully customisable.

– What is the latest status about this project?

The bag samples were approved and are ready for mass production. It can be shipped worldwide. Analysis are ongoing for quality labels applications.

– How many returned bags are necessary to start closing the loop?

Around 50.000 returned bags are necessary to start using the old bags in the production process.

– What is the antiviral and antibacterial protection? 

The protection effect is a coating. It has regulatory coverage: EU BPR and EU REACH compliant, main ingredient registered with US TSCA and US EPA, Oeko-Tex conform.


Ihr Unternehmen kann das nächste Unternehmen sein, das ein exklusives Produkt aus recyceltem Material anbietet. Kontaktieren Sie uns und lassen Sie uns gemeinsam ein nachhaltiges Produkt entwickeln, um Ihre Marke zu tragen und fit für die Zukunft zu machen.

Shopping and Delivery Bag, all in one product. 100% recycled material, reusable and recyclable.

“(…) you may live in the world as it is, but you can still work to create the world as it should be.”

– Michelle Obama