What is recycled Ocean-Bound Plastic?

Ocean-bound plastic is the plastic waste found in rivers, waterways and coastlines. If not collected, it has big chances of ending up in the ocean. Hutter Products works with partners that act in areas of developing countries, which are responsible for great part of the ocean plastic pollution.

The Ocean Plastic line of products is produced out of recycled materials resulted from the hard work of these and other partners.

Is the Ocean Plastic material safe?

Yes, completely! If necessary, we can provide a quality test to give all the technical information about the material.

High brands such as Adidas, also have a line of products made from plastic collected from the Ocean. Your company can be the next one joining this movement.

What exactly is the material?

We have 3 types of recycled plastic collected from the Ocean and available to produce new goods: PP, PE and PET.

How do we know that this is really recycled plastic?

If required, we can  provide a third part certificate that states the origin and composition of the material.

What can be produced out of this recycled material?

Any product made of PP, PE, PET and polyester can be made from the recycled material collected from the ocean, such as toys, bags, garments, etc.

Over the period of more than 1 year, Hutter Products has developed a trustful chain of reliable partners that will provide the best quality products made from recycled plastic.